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Sanitization Disinfections

Ozone Disinfections:  Constant service over time for what concerns  rodent control, disinfestation  in both civil and industrial fields. the service has achieved important quality objectives, over the last few years always with  great success.  Emergency Response 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact us now. Immediate intervention. Decontamination, Sanitization of Shops, Companies, Offices and Civil Homes. Quick and Honest Service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Sanitation company for industries and the food sector. Call us now! Professional Sanitation Services for Individuals and Companies. For individuals and companies. Professional Service. Certified sanitation. Environment sanitation.



Make your home and work environments safer through Sanitation. Sanitation interventions in compliance with safety standards in savona. Request a quote. Best Price Guaranteed. Call us now. Contact us now.  Sanitize your rooms in a very short time, thanks to the Ozone sanitization system. Ozone sanitation useful for the sanitization of any type of environment. Sanitizing Ozone Disinfection savona  for: Car and vehicle disinfection local restaurants healthcare environments  commercial sanitizing  quick and effective safe  CONTATTCI  for  MORE  info.  


Sanitization and disinfection of streets, offices  and public places: when it is mandatory, who should do it and how to do it. Advice on correct disinfection even at home. Sanitization. To eliminate not only evident dirt, but also pathogenic microorganisms, from any surface and environment. Request a quote. Sanitization. Hygiene and disinfection operations to achieve distinct but connected objectives: cleaning to remove dirt, but above all disinfection.  The  sanitization and igienizzazioni  are important in  public places  and private to preserve the health of  employees, customers and owners of restaurants  please contact our company for a quote grateful ...  


Anti Parasitic Treatment:  The disinfestation    of  insects and parasites  is directed against  mosquitoes, wasps, flies ,  bed bugs ,  parasites  of foodstuffs,  ants, cockroaches . Specialists in  pest control  for  emergency disinfection  are near you. Sanitization and Deodorization  being able to choose from a complete range of products for  Distribution, Diffusion  and Filtration in ventilation systems. Ozone is  an element found in nature and can be used as a method for sanitization and disinfestation  with 100% excellent results contact us for info.


 Fast and professional  post-death sanitation and crime scene cleaning . Sanitation and disinfection  of environments after a death. Contact An Expert Call Now!  Sanitization. To eliminate not only evident dirt, but also pathogenic microorganisms, from any surface and environment. Request a quote. Courtesy · Expertise · At the customer's service · Professional Service To avoid the risk of contagion, it eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria through a cycle of sanitizing interventions.  

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