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Covid Sanitizacion

Cleaning, sanitization, disinfection: let's be clear.  Here is  definition  and meaning to avoid confusion. Often they are considered synonyms, no sanitation bonus  , an incentive in the form of a tax credit that aims to ensure that the environments and work tools  are sanitized.  Ozone sanitation to disinfect environments from  viruses, bacteria  and molds. Disinfection treatments for homes,  schools, offices, companies and warehouses.  Ccovid-19 disinfection and sanitization  of ventilation systems. It is very important, after a fire, to  clean and reclaim  the ventilation systems for Covid-19. Our company  boasts in its staff with decades of experience in the various phases of  disinfection, sanitation  and tank cleaning.  Sanitation of streets, offices  and public  places:  when it is mandatory, who must do it and how to do it. Advice on correct  disinfection  even at home.


The  sanitization and igienizzazioni  are important in  public places  and private to preserve the health of  employees, customers and owners of restaurants  please contact our company for a quote grateful ... Sanitization and deodorization  being able to choose from a full range of products for  distribution , Diffusion  and Filtration in ventilation systems. The  industrial reclamation  against viruses and Batteries,  Covid-19  are transactions that take place to decontaminate areas and  surfaces  from possible contaminants, Our  cleaning company therefore it is best prepared to be able to carry out all the reconditioning and reclamation  interventions of  the environments that have been.  Long experience in the disinfection sector. Consult us for info! At the customer's service. Personalized Service. Impeccable service. Competence. Professional Service.


In any season,  rodents  and insects such as  cockroaches ,  ants  and  mosquitoes can be very annoying and cause damage and inconvenience. Disinfection of all  types of insects or mites,  gnats, flies  and other  flying insects. prompt intervention  Offers our customers a  360-degree service  designed just for you  365 days a year 24 hours a day  contact us. '' Thanks to the  consolidated experience with important public bodies and large companies,  Pronto Intervento Multiservice  is able to offer technological solutions for  industrial plant engineering ''. We offer innovative services with high added value.  Civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning. We dedicate all the attention and care it deserves to each environment. Always at ease.


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